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I’m a footloose, child free, travel addict! My husband and I spend all of our spare time (and money!) seeking the very best adult focussed holidays, resorts, events and adventures.  I am going to be writing about experiences new and old to try and help anyone looking for a great escape for two, find their perfect trip.

I’ll be telling you about new locations as I explore them to help you decide if it’s somewhere you would like to go, but I’m also going to be reviewing some of the places we’ve been, we’ve loved and would return to, and some that we wondered why we ever went…!

From beds to beaches, from restaurants to retail therapy and from spas to special events – I’ll try and cover as much as I can that I think you might help you plan your trip.

Great holidays are made up of so many things but together they create experiences that will stay with you long after you get home – hopefully some of our travel tales might just help you pick your next great adult only holiday experience when you’ll be asking for just 2 tickets please.


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