Time for two

In life, I think most of us have a choice between time or money, some get neither and only a very very lucky few get both.  Like many couples we both work long hours so time is precious to us and whenever we get the chance we try and take time for two. At it’s best that can mean a 10 night tropical escape somewhere hot and decadent but even if it’s a weekend away in a budget hotel, or just an evening at home with a bottle of wine we’ll still savour the time we have and will make the most of just being together.

Travel is all about time. Time to explore, time to see, time to experience something new or just do nothing. Time is precious and so travel is precious which is part of why I started this blog. I work hard to make sure that every trip we do is as good as it can be and if I can help someone choose a great destination or even just enhance their trip a little bit with a recommendation or a suggestion then I’ll have done what I set out to do.

Travel isn’t perfect and you can plan and prepare but whether it is a delayed flight, a bad hotel or just an off day, things will go wrong sometimes. When they do just remember that it’s how you choose to deal with it that matters and that even if time is spent waiting in an airport that time is still precious too so make the most of it because you can’t change it. That’s not always easy and a recent 24 hr delay tested me on it but whilst I had moments of sheer frustration and was upset at losing a day of my trip, after a half hour of self indulgent moping I decided that I had to enjoy the day so if that meant time to read, or visit the airport bar then we made the most of it the best we could. My husband is more laid back than me and has a saying of “it will be what it will be” he says it and smiles whenever I start to worry about a detail I can’t control. It reminds me that sometimes travel is about letting go, forgetting the planning and living the moment wherever you are and cherishing the people you are with.

All any of us ever really have is today so I suppose this post is just to remind myself how precious time is and to encourage you to do the same wherever you may be – and if that happens to be on some white sandy beach then all the better so raise a cocktail to everyone taking time for two!


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